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Management Team

Keith Moore CEO

Joanne Park CCO 

Lincoln "Joe" Smith Executive Vice President                                                                    

Thad Mercer Head of Trading

Investment Banking

Daniel McClory Head of China & Equity Capital Markets

Robert Maley Senior Managing Director, Investment Banking

Pete Conley Head of Intellectual Property (IP) Banking

Eli Jawad Ansari Head of Blockchain Investment Banking

Seth Horn Head of Energy, Power & Infrastructure

Mike Jacks Head of Private Equity

Henry "Jay" Gurley

Austin King

Dennis McCarthy

Pierce C. McClory

Jordan Johnson

Ada Y. Niu

Angela J. Sun

Michael Welch

Eric Swain

Brinson Lingenfelter

Jordan Estra

Josh Boussat
Anders de Jounge
Charles Dunn

Valuations and Fairness Opinions

Gil Matthews Chairman Emeritus, Senior Managing Director SSI

Thomas Friedberg Head of Research

Fund Manager Placement Services

Doug Angstrom

Scott Olguin

Lamar Smith

Scott Harrington

Boustead Capital Markets LLP*

David Peerless Director

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