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ADOMANI Becomes First Reg A+ IPO on Nasdaq

There's a new trend poised to emerge on the US stock markets, and Boustead client ADOMANI, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADOM) is ahead of the curve. 

In a historic move, ADOMANI has become the first Reg A+ IPO to list on Nasdaq, and not only that, it is currently the best-performing IPO for all of 2017.

Beginning a new trend in which companies can use equity crowdfunding with the goal of immediately going public, ADOMANI has achieved impressive success, selling at $5 a share initially and now valued at $17+ a share as of July 11th, 2017. At an increase of 220%, investors have already experienced a significant increase in the value of their investment. 

Rod Turner of Forbes celebrated Boustead's crucial role in this development, saying, “It is far more difficult to generate consumer investor enthusiasm when main street investors are one step removed from the company’s products as is the case here... this makes the Adomani IPO all the more interesting because it seems that the lions-share of the investors that participated in the Reg A+ were brought to the table by Boustead.”

Brian Park, President of FlashFunders, added, “The ability for Issuers to have open access to investors through Reg A+, market to them through an online broker-dealer platform, then list on NASDAQ through Boustead Securities is truly unprecedented. Adomani has redefined what it means to go public."

Providing advanced zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicles and replacement drivetrains, ADOMANI is also part of a growing market for green technologies, poised to make a dramatic entrance into regular public use. In particular, Adomani is introducing exciting new options for school buses and medium to heavy-duty commercial fleet vehicles.

“Electric fleets will be an important part of tomorrow’s transportation infrastructure,” said ADOMANI CEO Jim Reynolds. “This capital raise is a milestone achievement that will allow us to grow quickly and take first-mover advantage at a transformative time in the market, while allowing our new and existing investors to share in the exciting road ahead,” Reynolds concluded.

For Adomani customers and investors both, the future is looking green.

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