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Boustead’s Dan McClory, Head of Equity Capital Markets and China, designated Expert by CCGN

China Central Television's international English-language network for a 100-million global audience.

Speaking of Xi’s speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Da Nang, Vietnam, Dan Mcclory, president and head of China at the Boustead Company, said “multilateralism” is the word that impressed him most.

“I think it is about the multilateralism or pluralism that President Xi and China, not surprisingly, are bringing to the region,” he told CGTN.

“There are many important trading relationships and very important maritime relationships that China shares with all those countries,” he noted.

“President Xi is continuing to be the standard bearer for the unification of the region.” 

Mcclory said the two main categories of deals signed between China and Vietnam were aquaculture and infrastructure.

“We've heard of a number of infrastructure projects, from a port development that has been put underway, to actually talking about bringing in loan guarantees from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,” he said. “And those infrastructure projects are for the most part tied into the Belt and Road Initiative, one of China’s key priorities.”

“It is something going to drive growth of the region for the next decades,” he added. 

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