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Boustead Securities Client, VisionThree Launches Private Placement Offering

Irvine, CA – April 27, 2022 - Boustead Securities' client VisionThree (V3), a virtual reality (VR) software service provider focused on creating sales, training and education programs in a fully immersive virtual environment, has launched its 506(c) offering.

V3 currently has multiple large corporations utilizing its VR technology including Rolls-Royce, Siemens, and Systecon as of April 2022. The V3 platform’s VR experience is programmed into Oculus headsets which are distributed to its customers for use during the required training or educational period. Utilization of the V3 platform enables the ability for users to fully envelop themselves intro the training program - eliminating common distractions such as checking their phone and/or email during the completion of training programs.

VisionThree’s VRAAS model charges users a monthly fee that includes delivery of headsets that are pre-programmed with the required training software. Founded by a team of experienced software development executives, V3 plans to use this Pre-IPO offering to further expand its marketing program as well as its software and sales capabilities as it continually builds its userbase of corporations and education providers.

The offering overview is as follows:

• $8M Pre-IPO Offering

• Convertible Note with 6% interest

• Priced at a 40% Discount to the IPO Price per Share

• Automatic Conversion to Shares Upon the IPO

• 100% Pro Rata IPO Participation Rights

Rule 506(c) permits issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offering, provided that: all purchasers in the offering are accredited investors. The Issuer takes reasonable steps to verify purchasers' accredited investor status and. certain other conditions in Regulation D are satisfied.


About VisionThree, Inc.

VisionThree is a Virtual Reality is a powerful visualization tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Research has shown that VR-based experiences are significantly more memorable as compared to traditional visual strategies. The depth of the realism and immersion in the virtual environment creates a heightened sense that benefits any interaction from sales to the most involved training curriculum. VR continues to deliver the impossible with limitless possibilities.

About Boustead Securities, LLC

Boustead Securities, LLC is an investment banking firm that executes and advises on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and restructuring assignments in a wide array of industries, geographies and transactions, for a broad client base. Boustead’s core value proposition is the ability to create opportunity through innovative solutions and tenacious execution. With experienced professionals in the United States, Boustead’s team moves quickly and provides a broad spectrum of sophisticated financial advice and services. Boustead is a majority-owned subsidiary of Boustead & Company Limited, a diversified non-bank financial institution. For more information visit please visit:

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