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Boustead Securities & MERJ Exchange Partner to Bring U.S Investors to Upstream

Irvine, CA and Eden Island, Seychelles -- April 27, 2023 -- MERJ Exchange Limited (MERJ), announced today that it has entered into an Introducing Broker Referral Agreement with Boustead Securities, LLC (Boustead), a licensed FINRA member, to allow U.S. investors to trade dual listed U.S. and international securities on Upstream. Interested U.S. investors may now join the waitlist at Upstream Waitlist | Boustead Securities (

U.S. investors that wish to trade securities using the Upstream app must first register with Boustead Securities, and then, using the Upstream app, simply “tap-to-unlock” the facility to both trade securities listed on Upstreams’ secondary market and to deposit eligible securities that they may hold at U.S. brokerage firms and transfer agents.

U.S. investors may join the Boustead waitlist and will be notified once they are eligible to apply for securities trading on Upstream. The waitlist, along with instructions on how to register with Boustead, can be found at Access to Upstream securities trading for U.S. investors, as introduced by Boustead, is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2023.

Boustead is a leading full-service investment banking firm that executes and advises on IPOs, dual listings, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and restructuring assignments in a wide array of industries, geographies, and transactions, for a broad client base.

Upstream, a MERJ Exchange market, is a global retail trading platform powered by Horizon Fintex's blockchain technology. Upstream offers investors access to dual listed companies that trade on NASDAQ, NYSE and over the counter (OTC) markets as well as international stock exchanges including EURONEXT, ASX, NSX, TSX, and CSE. Investors can trade U.S. and international equities using digital payment rails, credit card, debit card, PayPal, or USD.

The Upstream and Boustead partnership opens-up inter-exchange arbitrage trading for investors for dual listed securities. Traders may buy shares on the U.S. market, and seamlessly deposit them on Upstream for secondary sale. Similarly, investors may buy on Upstream, seamlessly withdraw back to the U.S. for secondary sale.

Dual listing on Upstream brings price discovery at a trading venue that operates a transparent, blockchain powered orderbook where everyone sees level-2 bids and offers. Upstream removes unnecessary middlemen and does not allow manipulative activities like short selling, stock lending, wash trading, layering or spoofing, which negatively impact legitimate price discovery. Upstream traders experience real-time execution, 20 hours a day, 5 days a week, instant settlement, no institutional market makers, and no payment for order flow.

Boustead Securities' CEO, Keith Moore, stated, "We believe in giving our customers access to global markets that provide access to innovative issuers and access to dual listed securities that have protections against manipulative and predatory trading practices that sometimes occur on other markets. By introducing our customers and issuers to Upstream, we can offer our customers the ability to evaluate the best price discovery and trade 20 hours a day."

“We are excited to have Boustead, a leader in small cap underwritings and offerings, to become the first U.S. broker dealer to join our market,” commented Brian Collins, Co-founder of Upstream. “Boustead will now have alternative and dual listing venues available for Boustead’s issuers and for their customers to trade on a modern retail trading venue.”


About Boustead Securities, LLC

Boustead Securities, LLC is an investment banking firm that executes and advises on IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and restructuring assignments in a wide array of industries, geographies and transactions, for a broad client base. Boustead’s core value proposition is the ability to create opportunity through innovative solutions and tenacious execution. With experienced professionals in the United States, Boustead’s team moves quickly and provides a broad spectrum of sophisticated financial advice and services. Boustead is a majority-owned subsidiary of Boustead & Company Limited, a diversified non-bank financial institution. For more information visit please visit:

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