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ESCO’s New Player

Edison International, parent company of Southern California Edison, the giant power utility, is formally launching its own ESCO unit.

Perhaps recognizing that California, Edison’s home market, is blazing a trail for other states mandating significant increases in energy efficiency, Edison wants to participate and benefit directly.

Excerpt from New York Times article:

“In time, energy will no longer be sold as a commodity, but instead delivered as a comprehensive service, in which companies get access to reliable, sustainable and affordable energy and energy management programs,” reads a position paper the company plans to release in conjunction with its announcement. “Through Edison Energy, we want to help create this market for what one might call Energy-as-a-Service.”

Edison’s targeted customers are Fortune 500-sized companies, leaving lots of room for new smaller ESCO companies to serve the rest of the market and grow to become ESCO giants.

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