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Investors Get Real

Investors have a strong interest in real assets.

We’re in the market with a real asset investment project now and we’re finding strong demand.

Insurance companies, family offices, specialty real asset funds as well as hedge and private equity funds are showing interest in a real asset investment with strong cash flow.
For some perspective on this, there’s an article by Privcap interviewing Joe Azelby, global head of JPMorgan’s real asset investment group (click here, includes slides but requires registration).

Mr. Azelby makes the case that investors need real assets in their portfolios to boost overall performance given the expected returns on conventional assets such as stocks and bonds.

Also, he reminds us that real asset investments are more than just real estate.

Mr. Azelby asserts that real assets offer (i) higher yield potential, (ii) lower volatility and (iii) better inflation protection.
Another interesting article on this trend is an interview in Chief Investment Officer, the online magazine, with Kathryn Leaf Wilmes, a Partner of Pantheon which manages a real asset and infrastructure fund.
The key catalyst for interest and capital flow into the asset class is the hunger for yield. We’ve been in a very low interest-rate environment for multiple years now, and investors need other sources for income generation. There are a number of sub-sectors in real assets that fit that bill extremely well.
Whatever the reasoning, we’re finding strong interest among a wide range of investors.
Please contact us to discuss how your business or portfolio might benefit from real asset investment.

Boustead’s Real Asset Team:
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