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Wormhole Labs Partners with MagicLinks to Provide Safe and Social Shopping During COVID-19 Pandemic

The partnership intends to enable digital monetization of more than 100,000 global retail locations with Wormhole immersive platform

Boustead Securities, LLC (Boustead) client, Wormhole Labs, creator of the Wormhole™ platform, has partnered with MagicLinks, a global leader in social commerce for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok video influencers, to help over 100,000 retail stores, including Target, Sephora, Nike, and Best Buy, monetize through the immersive social platform.

The Wormhole™ Platform, currently in beta release in six continents, creates a living simulation of the real world where people and businesses can teleport, or, 'Wormhole,' as avatars to any location to experience the world like they are physically there. Users can interact, socialize and shop in what is becoming the first consumer-facing instance of the metaverse. Integrating MagicLinks technology, which excels at empowering influencers and creators to share products they love to earn income, try to take the platform to the next level. This partnership may enable the Wormhole™ Platform to feature shoppable links for over 5,000 brands, unlocking an entirely new form of ecommerce, with growth potential.

"Users can now safely shop in an immersive and social manner like they are used to, but without the risks of human contact during this coronavirus pandemic. Even better, friends from multiple locations can shop together live as avatars, and have fun just like they are hanging out together and walking along in person," said Curtis Hutten, CEO and founder of Wormhole Labs. "Through our partnership with MagicLinks, Wormhole may likely help retail locations not only drive sales, but share information and connect with their communities during this tumultuous time. This is a next-level social and e-commerce experience."

"In the broader context of COVID-19, brick-and-mortar retail experiences require innovative solutions to provide consumers with a contemporary and safe way to shop," said Brian Nickerson, CEO and Co-founder of MagicLinks. "We're incredibly excited to collaborate with Wormhole to supply consumers with the necessary tools needed to have a fun and futuristic shopping experience that allows them to virtually connect, regardless of location, while taking the necessary social distancing measures required to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic."

"Wormhole's community uses the immersive social platform to participate in the world like they're actually there," shared Phil Ranta, COO of Wormhole Labs. "Shopping is a huge part of our day-to-day activity. With the lockdowns due to the pandemic, we want to replicate that experience in partnership with MagicLinks."

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About Wormhole Labs, Inc. "Wormhole™ is an evolution of social interaction. Using Wormhole Labs' patented technology, users, companies, and organizations can re-create the world with 360 degree panoramic images using their connected devices, then interact as if they're physically there. By teleporting throughout the world, Wormholers may never be limited by physical distance again. As avatars, they can meet, chat, live stream, watch real-time content, host virtual meetings and concerts, and more. The platform provides 24/7 monetization opportunities for creators who can create a virtual 'clubhouse' for fans to have an immersive community experience and purchase digital and physical items. Brands and small businesses can inspire consumers to visit virtual versions of their locations through coupons, item drops, and virtual-experiential activations like concerts. For more information on brand opportunities and to sign up for the platform, visit:

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